We were mainland (Eravamo terraferma), 2017, is the story of the inhabitants of an island in the Adriatic Sea, a land washed by the waters once belonging to the former Yugoslavia, and today to Croatia. The island lies inside a now-abandoned oil area owned by Star Oil, a company that saw its splendour at the time of Tito and its end with his death and the outbreak of war in the Balkans in the 1990s. All the workers, who came exclusively from the former Yugoslavia, then abandoned the platforms to take up arms – all except for a small group who decided to desert and not to fight, but instead to establish themselves on that island nobody had ever taken much interest in.

We were terraferma is a work of fiction. Facts, characters, costumes and locations have been reconstructed and are staged.

We were mainland




Curated by

Anna Cestelli Guidi

1-18 March 2018

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