Publisher: Postcart Edizioni, Roma
Cutated by Benedetta Cestelli Guidi

Introductory text: Niccolò Ammaniti

Year of publication: 2011

48 pages
20×30 cm

"All those who die in the wrath of God
assemble here from every land.
And they are eager to cross the river,
for the justice of God so spurs them on
their very fear is turned to longing."

Dantes's Inferno, vv. 122-126

"The entry to Hell is near Tolfa, north of Rome. It is a round hole, about 1.3 m  wide, hidden amongst blackberry bushes, ivy, nettle andamaranth."

Dal testo introduttivo di Niccolò Ammaniti

Includes a poster of the preparatory sketching of Inferno made by the artist in the inside pocket, cm 56x75

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